There are two pricing models the Partnering hosting companies can choose from.

Most popular
Best suited for public cloud/IaaS providers



Usage based revenue shared model

Partner defines the price for the End User and the managed platform fee is calculated based on the usage.
Best suited for private installations



Flat rate resource model

A more traditional data centre resource usage based pricing model for private installations and other usecases not suitable for revenue share.

Included in all plans

In addition to a fully managed turnkey platform there are also several other perks that are all included in the service without an extra cost.

Free setup

Free setup to get your business on the market
Unlike most alternative virtualization platforms, the Warren team will not only walk you through the initial setup process but will deploy and configure the platform for you to help you get started as effectively as possible. Everything from data center infrastructure setup to the user interface aesthetics white-labeled to fit your brand image. Wherever you could use a helping hand, Warren is to help however we can.
Upgrade illustration

Version upgrades

Continuously integrated version upgrades to keep you ahead of the competition
We deploy the updated version of Warren to every partnering provider with no scheduled maintenance downtime usually at the end of our bi-monthly iteration.


Co-marketing activities to attract new end users
Rolling updates -
Roadmap -


Warren roadmap, feature requests and exclusivity
We collect feedback from all partnering hosting providers to fine-tune and prioritize our roadmap. Features we develop and roll out are usable by all the companies of the partner network. Features can also be exclusively developed for a single partner enabling them to maintain a competitive advantage among the other providers in the Warren partner network. In this case one or more partners can commission Warren to deliver their requirements exclusively for them to use.
Exclusive feature could be for example:


99.95% Service Level Agreement

The infrastructure services and solutions provided to the B2B customers have to stay up and running for their end users at all times. Our 99.95% SLA only allows less than 30 minutes service downtime in a year. An ideal business model to keep the Warren team motivated to avoid any kind of service outages at all times at all cost.
Uptime -
Support icons -

Dedicated support

The reason why the partnering hosting providers are not facing a support ticketing web form or a general email support. All partners have a dedicated Slack channel with direct access to core developers and their customer success manager.
Support availability and operation hours.
Standard support services will be available to the Partner according to the following:
* The provision of support services outside of the standard support service hours can be agreed upon and priced on an on-demand basis. Premium support offerings can be tailored to the specific requirements of the partnering organization.

Extra capabilities under way for the usage based revenue shared model

World map -

Warren Unified Cloud

Warren Unified Cloud enables Warren Partners to cross-sell each other’s infrastructure resources with a seamless user experience for the End User.
Pricing -

Warren Marketplace

Warren Marketplace enables End Users to purchase applications, platform extensions, services.
Para saber mais sobre nós e a plataforma, entre em contato conosco.