True Private Cloud Platform is valuable across industries - here are some of the use cases where the future is heading.


Self-service platform for data centers and IaaS providers
Complete solution from baremetal to billing

True private cloud by nature is automated resource management platform. Such platform enables end users to create, change and decommission their own resources. Having end users to build and manage their own virtual private data centres, allows IaaS providers to build automated data centers and optimise running cost. The data center can be as a compute, networking and storage resource itself and is operated by few technical data center staff.

Digital transformation and data security with Hybrid cloud
Best of both worlds

Companies can build private cloud out of their on-premises infrastructure and scaling it up on demand to any cloud service provider. This allows to build services environment with endless IT resources available. True Private Cloud enables expanding company data center to any known cloud service provider as well as local cloud service provider. All IT resources are accessible by the company as one single domain of computing or storage resource.

Managing ships and hotels as edge data centers
Your fleet of resources at your fingertips

True Private Cloud helps hotels and fleet to keep the information consistent and available with or without connection to off-premises infrastructure. The fleet challenge is connectivity while on a move. The connection disruptions or speed can be eliminated with on-board nodes or server racks, which will be synchronised to cloud whenever connection is restored. Hotels can have only necessary information locally, enabling heavy computation resource consumption during peak hours, leaving less important information in cloud or centralised environment.

  • Local & global redundancy
  • Homogenouse system
  • Microservice architecture
  • Internet independent

Localized redundancy in Healthcare institutions
Information is always accessable no matter what

Healthcare relies on research and availability of new research. The need to make rapid calculations with low latency can help to analyse quickly complicated test results and increase quality of diagnosis. Sharing information of symptoms and cure for disease with other hospitals, will help to improve medical service in general. True Private Cloud enables to build one single medical cloud domain accessible by all hospitals and clinics, requiring only to store only one single set of information in central systems and replicating only information only needed locally at the hospital.

  • Local & global redunacy
  • Limited access
  • Managing complexity
  • Resource utilization

Digital agency managing projects on different cloud providers
Same experience and application stacks everywhere

Creative people design and develop web applications. For efficiency and best possible result they need a technology to automate and orchestrate repetitive tasks such as setting up project environments and reusing the code. Workloads have to be hosted, billing has to be managed, user accounts have to be set-up and access granted. Having all your projects managed declaratevly and the using the same architecture saves a lot of time for developers.