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"Think global, act local."

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Warren is born in Tallinn, Estonia where e-residency and digital government is considered obvious and the internet is considered to be a human right.

Estonia is also one of the top countries in number of Unicorns per capita. We have gathered top talent from several world-renowned companies such as Facebook, Skype, Telia, Kühne + Nagel and Playtech, and have built a strong team with a balanced mix of expertise covering cloud technologies, software development, data science and infrastructure development.
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The back story

The idea for the Warren platform emerged in 2015 after the implementation of more than 500 e-commerce projects in over 10 countries.

To cope with the increase of sophistication (larger projects with more complex infrastructure requirements), the company started to search for ways to improve its internal development processes and increase the efficiency of the cloud resources and infrastructure scaling and management.
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Uptime SL A with direct access
 to the development team
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Platform upgrades per
month (release notes)

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Faster time to market with all-in-
one turnkey software platform
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service providers
we are on a mission

After a long research we arrived at an architecture and necessary components that would benefit not only our processes but would be beneficial for everyone else as well. 

Since late 2016 we have been focused on building the platform in collaboration with a local data center. Our mission is to empower local IaaS providers and data centers around the world by providing a comprehensive platform and the network of our clients that surrounds it in competing at the global market following the “Think Global, Act Local” philosophy.