Recommended hardware setup

While Warren supports a majority of commodity hardware there are still minimum requirements in place that will provide a redundant and reliable IaaS cluster.

Hardware specifications below are a good indication of a production grade setup to start with and to grow upon.

Open OEM

Tier 1 Original hardware, free from proprietary firmware and BMC lock-ins. Using only the highest quality chassis, component and commodity items.

ROI/TCO optimized

The hardware stack is specially designed, to maximize ROI and minimize TCO significantly through well optimized and balanced harware to meet user demand.

Pay as you grow

Warren software has no fixed license fee, setup fee, or minimum fee. It is truly a partnership with a usage-based revenue share model.

3 year warranty included

Standard hardware warranty includes spare parts on-site, 38 months RMA coverage and phone support. Custom SLAs and extensions up to 5 years available.

Key benefits

Focusing on an extremely convenient and quick to market solution allowing any infrastructure provider to expand their service portfolio and start offering a public infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Time to market

80% faster time to market with all in one turnkey software platform pre-installed on a specially optimized hardware stack.

Tool-less serviceability

Tool-less designs for drive trays, fan modules as well as the riser board allows for quick & easy deployment and maintenance efficiency.

Secure and compliant

The system is completely PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 ready. End-user isolation and secure administration are all built into the platform.

Redundancy and availability

The hardware and software configurations are designed with redundancy and availability in mind to deliver maximum uptime.

Modular and scalable

Preconfigured hardware modules make it easy to scale from just a few nodes, to several racks and multi-location setups.

End-to-end solution

Our turnkey solution covers everything from underlying hardware resources, software defined storage, network and compute, as well as metered billing.

Rack planning


14 nodes
32 nodes
31 nodes
Aggregation node
Control nodes
Compute nodes
Network nodes
Block storage nodes
Object storage nodes
* Every other rack


Server spec

Nodes Configuration
Control 3X
20 cores
128GB memory
2 x 480GB SSD
2 x NIC 25GB (2 port)
Optimized for infrastructure services
Compute 4X
32 cores (64 vCPU)
512GB memory
2 x 480GB SSD
2 x NIC 25GB (2 port)
Optimized for high density
Network 2 x TOR switch 25G (48 port)
1 x mngt. switch 1G (48 port)
Optimized for high density
Storage 4X
20 cores
64GB memory
2x480GB SSD
15TB NVMe storage
2 x NIC 25GB (2 port)
Optimized for high density
Object Storage 2X
20 cores
512 GB memory
2 optional NVMe slots (caching)
up to 35 drives per node
Optimized for low-cost high capacity storage
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