How to start?

Onboarding process

Service provider1-5 days

01 Scoping & preparations

Scoping out and planning the cloud platform launch. This includes in the filling Warren Onboarding Blueprint that will be the input essential to plan the deployment and the rest of the administrative tasks of the onboarding process.
Service providerWarren1 day

02 Signing the agreement

Signing the partnership agreement between your cloud company and in a legally non-binding form of a *Letter of Intent.
Service providerTBD

03 Hardware setup

Hardware setup and the network configuration at the planned data centre, resulting in a handover of access details for Warren technical team to deploy the platform.

Technical requirements

Warren1-2 week

04 Software deployment

Warren platform deployment and technical configuration on the initially planned hardware scope.
Service providerWarren1-2 weeks

05 Configuration & customization

Business related configurations (payment methods, pricing, billing model, company details, support tools, credits) and marketing related customizations (branded theme, automated email etc).
Service providerWarren2 weeks

06 Acceptance testing

User acceptance testing by both parties followed by soft launch with friendly customers.
Service providerWarrenone click

07 Public launch

Full scale public launch of production proven cloud platform. Followed by ongoing monitoring and live upgrades.
Current time frames do not take into account the que of already scheduled work.
Let's start with a personal demo and get the process going!