End-user features

Platform features for developers and enterprises running apps and services.


KVM-based hypervisor covers all traditional virtual machine (VM) operating systems.


The block storage requirements the virtualized compute resources run on are seamlessly available just as your customer would expect. Just define your disk size when you start your VM or resize later as per your actual usage. Need a separate disk? Self-service it over GUI or use our API if your applications know better when they need more storage.


Tungsten Fabric based SDN (software defined network) with its NFV (Network Function Virtualization) components enable Warren to deliver enterprise grade networking and security features. Tungsten Fabric uses networking industry standards such as BGP EVPN control plane and VXLAN overlays to seamlessly connect workloads in different orchestrator domains.

User Interface (GUI)

Warren JupyterLab based user interface is fast, responsive and intuitive as you would expect from a self-service environment of your infrastructure. The interface also features theming capabilities to fit your corporate identity and localization applicable for your country or region (read more about customization).


Warren platform is developed with API first approach. It means that all the functionality that is available via the self service user interface is always available via API. Moreover, the user interface component is directly making API calls to function. Additionally some more complex features are available over API only.

Managed Services

The main purpose of managed service is to provide end users with an easy way to use popular software products inside their cloud infrastructure. A database or Kubernetes cluster are good examples of such services. The management of the underlying resources is done by the platform and administrators. Management of a specific Service is done by a third party so end-users get access to the service itself from the providers who are specialized in the specific technologies and provide the highest level of service quality.

Managed databases (PostgreSQL and MariaDB) are already available for end-users. Managed Kubernetes will be released soon.


The platform includes a full self-service onboarding process with credit card validations. This page can be configured based on the data the local provider needs or wants to collect about their end users. By default, we ask for as few details as possible to bring the friction during onboarding to the minimum. The sign-up bonus can also be configured with every new billing account. Self-onboarding works with both pre-and post-payment setups.

Coming Up

One-click Kubernetes
Sharing & policy management
Advanced metrics, logs & alerts
S3 File browser
Project management
Custom services management
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