Why Warren?

Because we believe that infrastructure services should be run locally with a platform that is used globally - this brings data sovereignty, better support and lower costs while delivering the user experience that expands internationally.


Our revenue share pricing model lets you get started with low cost and ensures our motivation to help our clients succeed.

This business model guides our development efforts towards maximising end-user experience and satisfaction that benefits everyone involved. This model also helps to keep down the end-user pricing as the service provider has no license cost for resources not in actual use.

The actual price is defined by the service provider and can be considerably lower than global providers (more efficiency and lower bandwidth costs).

Reliability & Scaling

Warren enables you to add or replace hardware in your infrastructure on the fly with minimal effort and no downtime.

This enables quick expansions and upgrades to the infrastructure over time while avoiding human errors and overhead. In the case of hardware failure the end-user resources are automatically migrated to other available hypervisors while physical hardware gets replaced to provide an interruption free maintenance and excellent reliability.

New hypervisors are automatically deployed and included to the cluster when servers are added to the network.

User focused

Warren is built from user perspective to better serve the users’ needs and make everyday work a pleasant experience.

By users we do not only mean the end-user but also service managers, administrators, support personnel and business owners. Each user has a different need that we aim to satisfy whether it’s spinning up resources, observing the hardware utilisation or monitoring business metrics.

This principle is the driving force behind our design decisions and an important component in planning the future roadmap.


Every culture has its own customs and preferences. That manifests strongly in the data sovereignty and available payment options.

Data protection is becoming increasingly important for business and is becoming heavily regulated by governments. We see this as an important driver of the future cloud market in favour of local providers.

Add to that the locally preferred payment methods and top it off with high quality support in the local timezone and local language by local people who know and understand the end-user, you get a fairly strong offering.


Growing your business with the Warren platform is more of a partnership than a customer relationship. The regional services providers using the platform make up a strong international network that shares best practices, business leads, know-how and marketing materials.

We see this ecosystem becoming a big part of Warren and we have many important features in the roadmap that will add enormous value to the network and end-users. The principle behind Warren is to provide a coherent platform for all local service providers to ease individual efforts building limited versions of the same thing.

All of our partners are welcome to join our private Slack channels where topics from support to feature requests are discussed and managed.

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