Starting out as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Understanding Warren partnership

Warren’s offering consists of a software platform and accompanying managed services provided by an experienced team based in Europe, Estonia.

Introducing Warren platform

Warren is a complete self-service cloud platform for regional infrastructure service providers. Functionally rich, technologically modern and architecturally reliable turnkey cloud commercialisation solution packaged as a service and driven by your success to compete in the global landscape.

Warren services provided

The cloud hosting platform of Warren is offered as a managed service.

That means that Warren’s team deploys the Warren platform on your hardware in your data center and keeps it up and running and up to date.

Technical support team

The technical support is carried out via a support ticketing system and a dedicated Slack channel. The Slack channel is used for the day to day technical support where Warren developers are always available to support, make amends (if necessary) and offer advice however they can.

The Warren technical support team operates during working hours (GMT+3).

Around the clock tailored support is available as a part of a separate SLA contract.

Continuous platform upgrades

Warren delivers planned bi-monthly deployments of software upgrades to deliver new features and maintain the existing functionality. The upgrade deployments do not involve any downtime or maintenance window. This keeps the platform up to date and keeps the software delivery process very flexible and robust.

Feature requests

Warren and the team accept feature requests from the partnering cloud providers. Moreover, we expect our partners to provide constant feedback on both the platform and accompanying services alike.

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