Usage based revenue shared model

Warren employs a usage-based revenue share model to establish a mutually beneficial alignment of goals. Our team at Warren is dedicated to consistently delivering the necessary features that our partner companies need to enhance the quality of service offered to end-users.

Additionally, we are committed to accelerating the growth of our partners by providing a growth-based incentive model.

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Usage based revenue shared model

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Why revenue share?

Revenue sharing ensures that both parties are aligned in terms of the goal and Warren team will always stay committed to keep delivering the features the partnering hosting companies require to maximise the quality of service provided to the end-users up to the highest standards.

What revenue is shared?

The shared revenue strictly only includes the revenue generated with Warren’s involvement measured as usage. It does not include any other extra sources of income the Partner may have outside of the Warren Domain of operation.

How is the growth-based revenue share percentage calculated?

The goal of this incentive is to promote and support fast growing partners by enabling them to reinvest more of the revenue and capture market share.

How it works?

Your final revenue share percentage is tied to your growth, with a discount being subtracted from the standard 20% share.
This monthly discount aligns with your growth percentage for that specific month.

If your monthly growth reaches 100%, the platform becomes FREE for that month, and if there’s no growth, the standard 20% rate applies.
It’s worth noting that during the initial 6 months, experiencing growth of more than twice your initial size is very common.

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Overview with examples:

Extra capabilities under way for the usage based revenue shared model

Warren Unified Cloud

Warren Unified Cloud enables Warren Partners to cross-sell each other’s infrastructure resources with a seamless user experience for the End User – collectively forming a globally distributed cloud. For example, if Partner has opted-in to Warren Unified Cloud, every End User of that Partner can also consume the infrastructure resources from other providers in the Partner network opted-in to Warren Unified Cloud, both getting paid accordingly.

Warren marketplace

Warren Marketplace enables End Users to purchase applications, platform extensions, services, and solutions provided by Data Centers, 3rd party developers, SaaS companies, and fellow End Users with built-in billing models (free, one-time fee, subscriptions, percentage of resources consumed).

This generates an additional revenue stream for every Partner and makes the entire Network of IaaS/Cloud providers more valuable to End Users.

The products, services and solutions can be for example:
In all cases, there is always a financial initiative for the Warren Partner for exposing their End Users to the Marketplace.
Download pricing whitepaper
Download pricing whitepaper

Download Pricing Whitepaper

The scope of this whitepaper is to introduce the flexible pricing models of Warren platform and services included in the offering.