Warren is a full self-service cloud computing platform for data centers and hosting providers

Functionally rich, technologically modern and architecturally reliable turnkey cloud commercialisation solution delivered as a Service and driven by your success to compete in the evergrowing IaaS market.

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Getting started with Warren

Whitepaper that outlines the process and practises from the start to becoming a successful cloud provider.

Hardware recommendation

Fully integrated Open hardware and software stack ready to be deployed in your data center.
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Managed Kubernetes
Launching on Warren by B1 Systems from Germany.
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Why Warren platform?

Because we believe that infrastructure services should be run locally with a platform that is used globally - this brings data sovereignty, better support and lower costs while delivering the user experience that expands internationally.


Our revenue share pricing model lets you get started with low cost and ensures our motivation to help our clients succeed.

Reliable & Scalable

Warren enables you to add or replace hardware in your infrastructure on the fly with minimal effort and no downtime.

User focused

Warren is built from the end users’ perspective to make everyday work engaging and more efficient.


Warren partners with local data centers promoting technical support in local language and local payment gateways.

trusted by some of the best companies worldwide
what is warren?

Self-Hosted Cloud Platform for Providing IaaS Solutions


KVM-based hypervisor covers all traditional virtual machine (VM) operating systems.


The block storage used under virtualized resources is distributed. This prevents data loss under any circumstances. Integration with the virtualization layer is seamless and needs no special knowledge or effort from the user’s side. Just define your disk size when you start your VM or resize later as per your actual usage. Need a separate disk? Self-service it over GUI or use our API if your applications know better when they need more storage.


Tungsten Fabric based SDN (software defined network) with its NFV (Network Function Virtualization) components enable Warren to deliver enterprise grade networking and security features. Tungsten Fabric uses networking industry standards such as BGP EVPN control plane and VXLAN overlays to seamlessly connect workloads in different orchestrator domains.

Billing system

Warren platform includes a complete billing system with many local payment methods your customers are already using and familiar with. Use prepaid or postpaid billing models or both on the same time if you want to cherry pick your trusted customers who can be on pay-as-you-go basis.


Warren platform is developed with API first approach. It means that all the functionality that is available via the self service user interface is always available via API. Moreover, the user interface component is directly making API calls to function. Additionally some more complex features are available over API only.

Administration & Observability

Warren platform features a built in administrative management console to carry out the day-to-day activities for running a cloud business. There is also a Grafana based dashboard with notifications for more detailed overview of the state of the infrastructure.

Availability & Reliability

Warren platform is highly available and reliable by design following distributed microservice architecture principles and leveraging Apache Mesos as an underlying framework.

Warren platform is built on proven open source technologies

Our general architectural approach to cope with the rapidly evolving technology development and market demand is the products’ modular and decoupled design that allows us to maintain flexibility. The following list includes the more prominent open source components used.
how does it work?

Warren provides a complete solution between your hardware and users


User workloads, applications, databases etc.

Warren Platform

Virtualization, distributed storage, software defined network, hardware management, user management etc.


Compute, Storage, network, power management etc.

server layer -
Platform overview warren layer -

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