True Private Cloud platform that manages your resources intelligently across cloud providers, private servers and individual nodes, all behind a single API & UI.

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Warren Orchestra Includes the following instruments

A platform that consolidates cloud providers and datacenters into a coherent network -
to provide fully automatic True Private Cloud experience (TPC)

Data center operating system

Data center operating system
Mid 2019

Warren DC Edition (Data Center) is a complete system to manage your data center and provides a self-service solution for your clients (incl. billing, resource management, easy hardware installations etc).

on-prem/hybrid PRIVATE CLOUD

on-prem/hybrid PRIVATE CLOUD
Late 2019

Warren PC (Private Cloud) is a self hosted version that you can use to manage your local server and/or also connect to other resources in our ecosystem if necessary (manage high traffic peaks or workloads).

Early 2020

Warren UC (Unified Cloud) is a hosted True Private Cloud platform that you can sign up and start using in seconds. You will not pay for the platform, only for the resources that you use through the platform.

Flexible and adaptable microservice architecture
where all components play seamlessly together


What makes Warren special?
It is built from ground up with modern principles and without legacy restrictions

Microservice architecture

Warren consists of many standalone components that can be maintained, scaled and developed independently.

Rolling updates

Updating infrastructure software has always been difficult subject - not anymore. All services can be updated without interruptions.

Effient resource utilisation

Warren leverages super fast graph-based decision-making system to utilise your resources to their maximum efficiency.

Fully automated

Adding new resources, managing networks, deploying applications - we are automating everything so users don't have to deal with it.

All in one

Tht means everything that is expected from a TPC system plus additional components like billing system and custom extensions.

Open source components

That means there is a fast community behind every key component of the system, providing information and support at scale.

Modern nordic cloud
with unique user experience and extensive API


Future Cloud Summit
The Perfect Stack -
from servers to serverless